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Arduino robot kit – Bluetooth Remote Control

The Amarino app mentioned used in the previous post translates the sensor inputs of an Android phone ( and other events such as SMS messages) into messages sent to the Arduino via Bluetooth. In this post, I will use the orientation sensor on my phone to drive the Arduino Robot. The orientation sensor on… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Bluetooth Module

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Bluetooth Module

The Arduino robot kit includes a Bluetooth-Serial Converter Module JY-MCU (mine says BT_BOARD V1.04). After some Google search, I found information about how to setup this module. See this for example, which also has a good link about how to change the default configuration of the module. In this post,… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Autonomous Motion

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At this point, we can put the motion and the range sensing capabilities of the robot to good use. For autonomous motion (no remote control), the robot needs to use its range sensor to detect obstacles and avoid them by turning to another direction. The next sketch does that by moving… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

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Robot Wiring Diagram

I have created this wiring diagram for the connections between the motor controller, motors, and sensor shield. I’ll update it later to include other components. And here is an update that includes the servo motor and the range sensor. And here are the detailed pin assignments for all modules: Pin… Read more »

JSim – Queue Simulator

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JSim is a Java-based discrete event simulator of an M/M/s queue system. The source includes a library of classes that can be used to modify the application to simulate other types of queue systems as well. JSim source files can be downloaded from A brief description of the main classes… Read more »

Processing Game

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Thomas Schelling showed, in 1971, that a small preference for one’s neighbors to be of the same race could lead to total segregation. This model is used as an example to show how such individual behaviour can bring about such undesirable social conventions without the need for evil master plan… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Motor library

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Once the motors were connected to the motor controller (see previous post), I started working on writing the code for basic robot movement. The basic motor commands are: onFwd/onRev: move each motor independently in the forward or reverse direction off/stop: stop either motor gradually (float) or abruptly (break) fwdRight/fwdLeft: turn the robot by running the two… Read more »

What is Ad Hoc Node?

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An ad hoc node refers to a device in a wireless ad hoc network. Ad hoc networks (or more accurately, mobile, multi-hop, wireless networks) are a class of networks that does not depend on any central administration or infrastructure in its operations. Unlike wired networks, an ad hoc network could… Read more »