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Arduino robot kit – Autonomous Motion

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At this point, we can put the motion and the range sensing capabilities of the robot to good use. For autonomous motion (no remote control), the robot needs to use its range sensor to detect obstacles and avoid them by turning to another direction. The next sketch does that by moving… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

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Robot Wiring Diagram

I have created this wiring diagram for the connections between the motor controller, motors, and sensor shield. I’ll update it later to include other components. And here is an update that includes the servo motor and the range sensor. And here are the detailed pin assignments for all modules: Pin… Read more »


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Assembled Robot

I like robotics and there was a time when I wanted a career in building robots. I am glad that didn’t happen because now I can build robots for fun. My interest in robots was renewed in 2001 when I discovered LEGO Mindstorms in this IEEE Spectrum article, and since… Read more »