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Introduction to gNMIc

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gNMIc is a gNMI CLI client that provides full support for gNMI RPCs. Nokia developed the gNMIc and donated it to the open-source community, OpenConfig. gNMIc is widely used by the open-source community, developers, and networking vendors. To understand how gNMIc works, let’s introduce gNMI. What is gNMI? gNMI (gRPC… Read more »

IP Address Calculator

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This is my latest Android App and the first to be published in Google Play.┬áThe App provides you with basic information about any unicast IPv4 address you enter, including: the network id portion of the IP address given the mask length, the number of usable host IP addresses within the… Read more »

What is SDN?

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Software Defined Networks (SDN) is a new technology with a lot of potential and a healthy dose of hype. The main premise of SDN is moving the intelligence of the network from distributed network nodes to a centralized location to enable programmability and flexibility of configuration through software applications. Each… Read more »