Arduino robot kit

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Assembled Robot

Assembled Robot

A couple of months a go I discovered this robot kit online. The price was so attractive (~$100), I had to buy it immediately.

As advertised, the robot comes disassembled which I found interesting because it would give me a chance to experiment a little before putting it together. The components came as in the list with two exceptions, no mini breadboard and the plates come in transparent colour rather than bright yellow. I didn’t care about the first but I was disappointed about the colour. Anyway…overall it was a good deal.

Another challenge with the kit is that the components come with no documentation whatsoever. Also the components do not always fit together nicely, so some shop work is needed.

Since assembling this robot is going to take awhile, I am documenting my work in a series of posts. I am not sure yet how it will turn out but it should be interesting. To follow my progress look for the posts that includes “Arduino robot kit” in the title.