Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

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I have created this wiring diagram for the connections between the motor controller, motors, and sensor shield. I’ll update it later to include other components.

Robot Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for Arduino Robot kit

And here is an update that includes the servo motor and the range sensor.

Robot Wiring Diagram 2

Wiring Diagram for Arduino Robot kit – updated

And here are the detailed pin assignments for all modules:

Pin Assignment
Arduino Pin Description Motor Controller Range Sensor Servo Motor Line Detector Bluetooth Module
D0 Digital Pin 0 RX TXD
D1 Digital Pin 1 TX RXD
D2 Digital Pin 2 IN4
D3 Digital Pin 3 (PWM) ENB
D4 Digital Pin 4 IN3
D5 Digital Pin 5 (PWM) IN2
D6 Digital Pin 6 (PWM) ENA
D7 Digital Pin 7 IN1
D8 Digital Pin 8 S
D9 Digital Pin 9 (PWM) Orange
D10 Digital Pin 10 (PWM)
D11 Digital Pin 11 (PWM)
D12 Digital Pin 12 Trig
D13 Digital Pin 13 Echo
A0 Analog input 0
A1 Analog input 1
A2 Analog input 2
A3 Analog input 3
A4 Analog input 4
A5 Analog input 5


The diagrams above are not the only way you can connect the components so use at your own risk.

8 thoughts on “Arduino robot kit – Wiring Diagram

  1. Andrew

    this code from my working car:
    //Motor A
    int dir1PinA = 7;
    int dir2PinA = 5;
    int speedPinA = 6;

    //motor B
    int dir1PinB = 4;
    int dir2PinB = 2;
    int speedPinB = 3;

    unsigned long time;
    int speed;
    int dir;

    void setup ()
    pinMode (dir1PinA, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (dir2PinA, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (speedPinA, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (dir1PinB, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (dir2PinB, OUTPUT);
    pinMode (speedPinB, OUTPUT);
    time = millis ();
    speed = 0;
    dir = 1;

    void loop ()
    analogWrite (speedPinA, speed);
    analogWrite (speedPinB, 555 - speed);

    // set direction
    if (1 == dir)
    digitalWrite (dir1PinA , LOW);
    digitalWrite (dir2PinA, HIGH);
    digitalWrite (dir1PinB, HIGH);
    digitalWrite (dir2PinB, LOW);
    digitalWrite (dir1PinA, HIGH);
    digitalWrite (dir2PinA, LOW);
    digitalWrite (dir1PinB, LOW);
    digitalWrite (dir2PinB, HIGH);

    if (millis () - time> 5000)
    time = millis ();
    speed += 20;
    if (speed> 555) {speed = 0;}

    if (1 == dir)
    {dir = 0;}
    {dir = 1;}

  2. Björn

    Hi, i think your work is great! You are probably the only one on the net showing how to build this kit from dx. I am looking forward to see your complete code. I am having trouble getting the motors to run, so i am looking forward to see have you solved it! Keep the good work up! -Björn

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