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Arduino Weather Station

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I’ve built a simple indoor weather station using a Temperature and Humidity sensor and an LCD screen. Here are the instructions on how to build it yourself: First, you need the following components Stanadrd 16 x 2 Character LCD Display Module DHT11 3-Pin Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module 10k Ohm… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Line Following

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<first published on Dec 26, 2012> The Robot kit I’m building comes with three IR line tracking sensor modules. As with the other components, documentation is only available on the web. I have not found a source of information about how to use the sensors but it doesn’t seem to… Read more »

Arduino IR Receiver Module

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This post describes how to use the Keyes IR Receiver Module in a practical application.  The setup used in this experiment is shown in the picture to the right and it includes Arduino UNO card (hidden under an Ethernet shield), a display module JY-LKM1638, a Keyes IR Receiver module and a remote… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Bluetooth Remote Control

The Amarino app mentioned used in the previous post translates the sensor inputs of an Android phone ( and other events such as SMS messages) into messages sent to the Arduino via Bluetooth. In this post, I will use the orientation sensor on my phone to drive the Arduino Robot. The orientation sensor on… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Autonomous Motion

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At this point, we can put the motion and the range sensing capabilities of the robot to good use. For autonomous motion (no remote control), the robot needs to use its range sensor to detect obstacles and avoid them by turning to another direction. The next sketch does that by moving… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Range sensor

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Ultrasonic Range Sensor and Servo Motor

The robot kit includes an ultrasonic range sensor (HC-SR04), a 2kg-torque servo motor (TowerPro SG90), and a plastic holder that is supposed to attach the motor to the robot top plate and provide a base to attach the sensor. Unfortunately, the items are not totally compatible with each other, so I had… Read more »

Arduino robot kit – Robot Assembly

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Arduino card and Sensor Shield V5

My first step in the assembly is to mount the Arduino card and the Sensor Shield V5 on the top plate and make sure they work. Information about the included Arduino UNO is everywhere but the starting point is always at http://www.arduino.cc/. The sensor board has no active components. It… Read more »