Arduino robot kit – Robot Assembly

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Arduino card and Sensor Shield V5

My first step in the assembly is to mount the Arduino card and the Sensor Shield V5 on the top plate and make sure they work. Information about the included Arduino UNO is everywhere but the starting point is always at The sensor board has no active components. It… Read more »

Arduino robot kit

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Assembled Robot

A couple of months a go I discovered this robot kit online. The price was so attractive (~$100), I had to buy it immediately. As advertised, the robot comes disassembled which I found interesting because it would give me a chance to experiment a little before putting it together. The… Read more »


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Assembled Robot

I like robotics and there was a time when I wanted a career in building robots. I am glad that didn’t happen because now I can build robots for fun. My interest in robots was renewed in 2001 when I discovered LEGO Mindstorms in this IEEE Spectrum article, and since… Read more »